Welcome to the Ready or Not Foundation website. This Foundation is dedicated to the funding of scientific research targeting better treatments and a cure for pediatric brain cancer. This Foundation is uniquely positioned to help deliver results, as there is an ability and commitment by the founder (and others) to assure that one hundred percent (100%) of your donations go directly to promising research programs. We must make advances so that the odds are changed in favour of the child.

You can help. Ours is a grass roots effort, and you can be a vital part of the plan that will bring about positive results for so many children. We raise money for research -- by donations, by your store purchases, by your participation with this website, and by specific fundraising efforts. Please make a difference with your participation (whether by a simple purchase on this website, or by getting involved in some of the more substantial fundraising events (Holiday Card, fundraising dinners, and other events)). READY OR NOT, HERE WE COME!

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How do we help? Presently, this Foundation is committed to funding specific pediatric brain cancer research at the Texas Children’s Cancer Center (TCCC). Unfortunately, research programs are poorly funded by the government, and thus the public sector must carry the burden of making certain that committed research efforts have financial means. Your donations are placed in support of this specific research program. Are you ready to invest in a cure? Learn more….

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